ANNOUNCEMENT: 2017-2018 Call of Duty Rosters

Posted by vG Admin August 14, 2017 in News

With COD Champs behind us now (Congrats to OpTic Gaming on the awesome win!), today marks the day that the new Call of Duty competition season is right around the corner.  With the release coming for the next iteration of the action packed game that we all know and love (or hate), Variance Gaming™ and Variance eSports, LLC are pleased to announce our 2017-2018 CWL NA Call of Duty Rosters.  Yes, you read that right, rosters.  We have decided to carry two rosters into this upcoming CWL season, .vG Blue and .vG Silver.  Both teams are extremely talented and we look forward to an eventful season both online and at LAN.

Without further ado….

  • .vG Blue
    • Wes J. (GameOver)
    • Thomas H. (tcSniper)
    • Alex O. (Canvore)
    • Nick S. (String)
  • .vG Silver
    • Jay M. (Godly)
    • Josean C. (Critical)
    • Bouba T. (Evasive)
    • Aaron G. (Rambo)

You can catch more details about the players on our roster page here.  You can also see the announcement videos at the following links:

WE ARE #vGstrong!