Variance eSports, LLC Announces New Competitive eSports Organization in North Texas

Posted by vG Admin February 25, 2017 in Press Release


Variance eSports, LLC Announces New Competitive eSports Organization in North Texas

Justin, TX – February 25, 2017 – The formation of Variance eSports, LLC (Variance GamingTM), a new competitive professional eSports organization based in North Texas, has been announced today, as the result of efforts of retired professional PC gamer James “MiRAGE” Bowling.

The world of professional gaming, or eSports as it is now known, is a growing industry with continual growth year over year. The current estimated revenue for the eSports industry has surpassed $463M in 2016 with continued strong projected growth for 2017.

Variance eSports, LLC Founder, James Bowling, stated, “There were around 112 major eSports events in 2015 and, in total, they generated an estimated $20.6 million in ticket revenues. In 2016 there were over 150 major eSports events globally.”

The global eSports audience was 226 million gamers and the number of eSports enthusiasts reached 115 million in 2015, which equates to a year-over-year growth of 27.7% from 2014. Newzoo and Repucom report that by the end of 2017 there will be 145 million eSports enthusiasts.

Variance eSports, LLC has built a new approach to competitive gaming by grooming and preparing new eSports athletes on their roster for entering the world of competitive eSports. The ability to get into the professional gaming circuit is an extremely daunting task. Variance eSports’ approach is one that has opened the door for up and coming athletes.

James Bowling, Founder of Variance eSports, LLC says, “Variance Gaming has put in numerous hours to find the next up and coming athletes to fill our Call of Duty Infinite Warfare roster in time for the Call of Duty World League Dallas Open Tournament. Gaming is no longer something we, as parents, have to look at as a waste of time.”

The Call of Duty World League Dallas Open, featuring a $200,000 prize pool, is one of the major tournaments throughout the year boasting a prize pool over the $150,000 mark.

Variance eSports staff indicate that their structure and drive to help athletes reach the pinnacle of the professional gaming industry is one that allows them to teach children about business and professionalism which prepares them for careers in the eSports industry. These careers can expand beyond being a professional gamer and into the business side of the industry.

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